Our Mission

Founded in 1909 as a small, multi-party line telephone company in rural South Central Oklahoma, Chickasaw has grown right along with the state, playing a vital role in the growth of Oklahoma's telecommunications infrastructure.

Today, Chickasaw is a full service telecommunications provider, offering local telephone access, long distance services, Internet access, fiber optic networking, complete paging, and cellular service.  Chickasaw also offers a full line of quality telecommunications equipment, including private telephone exchange systems (PBX) for companies from ten to 10,000 employees.

Whatever your communications needs - from a single pager, to a fully integrated communications system utilizing fiber optics and cellular service - Chickasaw works with you, one-on-one, to develop total telecommunication solutions.  You can count on Chickasaw for intelligent solutions that are always cost effective.  We provide innovative solutions with the flexibility to grow with you as your company grows, and as technologies change.


RE Gauntt - Chairman of the Board and CEO

JB "Sonny" Bright - President

Jack Hester - Vice-President

Larry Jones - Treasurer

Fob Jones - Secretary

Lori Bright - Asst. Secretary

History of Chickasaw

What Do Two Mules Have To Do With Telecommunications?

Plenty, if you’re a telephone subscriber in one of the Chickasaw Telephone Company exchanges.  Back in 1909, our company was created because of two mules.  You see, there was this farmer who bought a couple of mules from a Mr. John Gauntt on credit against his next year’s crop.  But the crop failed and the poor farmer couldn’t pay John, so he set out to return the mules.  Now, this put John in a bind because he had no use for a pair of mules that had been worked for a year.  So John and the farmer sat down and worked out a deal.

John didn’t need the mules back because he had acquired more mules in the past year and he asked the farmer what else he had to cover the note.  After a few suggestions John said, “Is that all?”  The farmer said, “Well, I have the Lone Grove Telephone Company with thirty-five telephones.  If you want it you can have that.”  John said, “I’ll take it.”  Thus under new ownership the company began to grow.  Then in 1937, John advised his son Royce Gauntt that, “You’re the last of 12 children; the other have gone from home and you now can have the telephone company since no one else wanted it.”  Royce went to college and then joined the Navy in 1942.  During his 27 years with the Navy, members of his family assisted in running the company with Royce calling home once a week to check on operations.  In 1956, while still on active duty, he secured an REA Loan.  Plans were being made to continue expansion beyond Lone Grove, and the trade territory was located almost entirely in the Chickasaw Indian Nation – thus was born the Chickasaw Telephone Company.

In 1962, Chickasaw moved their business office from Lone Grove, Oklahoma to Ardmore, Oklahoma after they had expanded into seven more operating areas.  In 1975, they also acquired the Sulphur area and moved the business office to Sulphur, Oklahoma on July 1, 1975. 

Today, Chickasaw Telephone Company serves nine exchanges in rural south central Oklahoma with dependable local service.  This service is affordable only because of the support Chickasaw Telephone Company receives from the Universal Service Fund.

From its modest beginnings with two mules in 1909, Chickasaw has grown to become an Industry leader in Telecommunications.